School and Family Partnership

The active participation of the families enhances the dialog between the knowledge produced in the classroom and by the community.

The school organizes special projects and events to provide opportunities and to facilitate the parents’ active participation in the school activities. Such as:

Special Saturday

The integration of families, further involving parents and students in the Esfera project by holding special events on Saturdays. There are varied events, including arts, music, sports and specific events such as the Family Day, Book Fair, Festa Junina, Science Fair and International Party.


Meetings and Lectures

In addition to the parents’ meeting at the beginning of the school year, parents are invited to attend meetings at the end of every academic term. Esfera also offers lectures to parents, about varied themes, according to the school calendar.

Volunteer Speakers

The participation of parents and the community in the daily life of the school relates what goes on inside the school to the outside world, integrating knowledge and establishing connections. Parents and family members are guest speakers to support the students’ research and learning within the context of the units of inquiry, projects or in the different subject areas.

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