Permanent Projects

Projects launched by the students that have been incorporated by the school or vice-versa, as an active learning community.

Permanent school projects are built upon the principals and values of the school. They aim at integrating the staff towards the premises related to cultural diversity, respecting differences, considering and respecting the local culture and leading all the school community towards a sense of social awareness and humanization.

Ethics and cooperation may enhance the sense of good will and the real meaning of entrepreneurship also brought up by sharing. Permanent projects must be carried out by all teachers and students and are made up of a combination of individual attitudes. Educating by setting the example is always expected, especially in the contexts of the projects.

International Exchange Programs

Aim at enhancing the understanding of the importance of cultural diversity, widening international references and life experiences, through
opportunities to reflect upon one’s own identity and
intercultural understanding.

Middle School students have the opportunity to have multicultural experiences through different types of
International Exchange Programs.


Field Trips and Cultural Outings

Knowledge and relevant experiences enhancing learning.

Field trips and cultural outings happen throughout the school year, according to the curriculum for each grade level and the teachers’ planning. Specific information, dates and authorization requests are forwarded to parents in advance.

The trips may be to museums in São Paulo and the Vale do Paraíba or a specific place related to the themes of study, such as: water treatment stations, fairs, industries, restaurants, and others.

Book Club

The Book Club is a project to encourage reading, the use of the English language, the Portuguese language and the mother tongue of the students.



Organized every other week, the class assemblies enable students to discuss relationship issues that come up at the school, based on the attitudes that support the IB learner Profile. Students learn to listen, to respect their differences and to live in a community in a collaborative way.

Esfera Cares

Diverse social actions that aim to develop the awareness of students and staff at Esfera about the responsibility of each one of us to transform the reality in which we live, contributing to the creation of a new culture. Some actions within Esfera Cares are:

  • Presentations and donations made by elementary school students (from the 2nd to the 5th year) in nursing homes and partner day care centers;
  • Young Talent – Elementary School students participate as volunteers in various events and actions at the school;
  • Participation in campaigns of the Solidarity Fund and the school’s participation as a member of advisory boards for local projects, such as the Mesa Educadora (project of the Municipal Education Office with the Razão Social Institute for the training of educators in daycare centers in the municipality and under agreements, in which the school participates as a member of the Management Council).

Recycling for fun

“Recycling for Fun” refers to a permanent collection of recycling materials for different projects at school. Esfera organizes programs for teachers’ development in Arts Education and Science, emphasizing creativity, sustainability and wise use of resources. The Project includes guidance and support for public schools that may be interested in organizing their own Recycling Centers.

Esfera Clubs

Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in free clubs offered during recess within school period, according to specific skills or interests. They are:

Advanced Mathematics Team, which integrates students from different grade levels who are invited by the Math teachers.

TedEd Club, that further enhances English communication skills and integrates Esfera students into the world of TED accredited schools.  

Open to students who play different instruments, sing and wish to be part of the Esfera Band, with different presentation opportunities throughout the year. 

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